What Should You Call An Electrician For?

What Should You Call An Electrician For?

Take it from a qualified electrician: STOP THE DIY!

If you are currently renting a property, all electrical work should be done by a certified electrician. If you own your home, then you should be calling an electrician 9 times out of 10.

Whether you are renting or own your home, you should have an expert on hand for the faulty stuff, the complicated stuff and the big stuff.

It’s a saying so ingrained in us kiwis: She’ll be right, mate.

WorkSafe New Zealand once said that this phrase, and the culture surrounding the lax nature of building and electrical work, contribute to our high accident rate and building code violations.

So today, Retrolec will be going over common things an electrician can do for you, and why you should let a professional handle your projects to avoid any grief down the line.

What Should You Call An Electrician For?

The Faulty Stuff

Got a power point around the house that doesn’t turn on, or a flickering light that has been catching your eye the last few months? Don’t go hitting the wall with a screwdriver just yet. These types of problems are trivial for expert electricians who have encountered them hundreds of times. Retrolec will make quick work of these issues, and have the right equipment to do so safely. Inexperience and DIY fixes can quickly turn what was meant to be a simple fix into quite the can of worms if you aren’t careful. Short circuits or faulty wiring should be inspected by an experienced electrician for safety and to not worsen the underlying issues.

But if it’s such a simple fix, why not do it myself?

Well, it’s the years of experience and training that make it simple for an electrician. The codes that outline electrical work are more complicated and detailed than you might imagine, and any noncompliance can be destructive to both your home and wallet by making it harder to get on the market.

Electricians have studied the building and electrical codes extensively, so we know how to handle your projects within the bounds of the law, reliably and safely. Not only this, rental properties should only have work done by a certified expert. Mitigate any fines or hassle selling your home down the line by calling an experienced electrician for the faulty stuff.

The Complicated Stuff

The role of the electrical panels in your home is to take power from the grid and split it out to the various circuit loops around your house. The electricity is then routed through circuit breakers which will ‘snap’ in the event of a short circuit or a surge to prevent serious damage to your electrical grid or appliances.

Any change, upgrade or inspection of your electrical panels should be done under the guidance of a licensed professional. These vital electrical systems are very easy to wire incorrectly and poor wiring can lead to lower power quality, an unreliable grid or potentially hazardous faults that can cause extensive damage or an electrical fire.

You might be thinking: I’m not touching my electrical panel or grid, I should be alright. Though, if you have recently added or are considering adding a major power drain to your property (such as running power to your shed or to an extension of your house) it is likely that you will need to evaluate your power, your grid and electrical panel at some point.

Consult with professional electricians like those at Retrolec before doing this sort of work, or you may be at risk of violating building/electrical codes and putting your home in danger of a short circuit and consequential fire.

The Big Stuff

Certified electricians like the team at Retrolec are experts when it comes to the big jobs.

And the big stuff doesn’t just include major renovations or building projects. Installing a power socket or dealing with electricity near water should always involve expertise. Whether you’ve bought a shiny new electric vehicle and need somewhere to charge it or want to finally set up that spa pool the family has been waiting on, always consult a qualified electrician for the installation.

Ventilation is another popular upgrade area in any home. Big jobs like setting up SmartVent, having a heat pump installed and fitting a fan can all be made into small jobs with the consultation of an electrician like the team at Retrolec.

Book a visit from us today, and make sure you are sorted for whatever the weather brings - either Summer or Winter.