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The Importance Of Commercial Machine Maintenance
Commercial machine maintenance should be a top priority to ensure your equipment always functions well. Find out what it is and how it benefits your business.
How To Choose The Right Electrician For The Job
Need an electrician? Then how do you choose the right electrician for the job? And how do you find one that is skilled and trustworthy? Find out here.
The Importance Of Electrical Safety Inspections
Electrical safety inspections. What are they and how can they benefit your business? Let’s answer those very questions now.
The Top 10 Energy Efficient Solutions For Your Home
Tired of having a huge power bill and using more energy than you need to? We’ve assembled a list of the top 10 energy efficient solutions for your home.
Does Your Switchboard Need An Upgrade?
How do you know if your switchboard is sufficient or whether it needs upgrading? Read on to discover if you need an upgrade and what you can do about it.
Common Electrical Issues: What They Are And How To Spot Them
What are some of the most common electrical issues you might experience in your household and how can you spot them? Let’s look into that right now.
EV Charging At Home: What You Need To Know
EVs are growing in popularity. EV charging at home is completely possible, but there are a few things to be mindful of. Let’s discover what those things are. 
What To Do If You Have An Electrical Fault Or Emergency
Suspect that you have an electrical fault at your place or you have experienced an electrical emergency? Here’s what to do to keep yourself and your home safe.
Building A New House? Here’s The Electrical Things To Think About
Building a new house? Congratulations! It’s time to start thinking about how you are going to integrate your electrics in. Here’s what you should think about.
Know Your Way Around Your Switchboard
The switchboard is the electrical hub of your home. Is yours up to scratch? Find out if you need to upgrade your switchboard or if it's fit for purpose here.
Power Points and More: Make Your Electrics Work For How You Live
Power points and more - Letting a trained professional make small tweaks to your home electrics can streamline the day-to-day power use to suit your lifestyle.
The Power Hungry Appliances You Should Avoid
When it comes to appliances, some use more power than others. So, which ones should you avoid using in your home? We’ve got all the info here.
Do You Have A Smart Home? How To Make It Smarter
Love the idea of a smart home but aren’t sure how to maximise the potential? We share our best tips and the most common areas of home automation. Read now.
Flickering Lights: Does Your Home Have Faulty Electrics?
Does your home have flickering lights and dodgy power outlets? Let’s go over the common pitfalls of faulty electrics and the dangers associated with them.
What Should You Call An Electrician For?
Today, Retrolec will go over the common things to call an electrician for and why you should let a professional handle your projects to avoid any future grief.
Are LED Lights Worth All The Hype?
Are LED lights worth it? Today, Retrolec will be diving into everything LED to help you make frugal, informed choices about your home lighting. Read more. 
Easy Electrical Upgrades For A More Functional Home
What are the easiest electrical upgrades you can make to ensure your home is more functional? Well, read on to find out exactly what those changes are…
Why DIY Electrics Are A Big No No!
Tempted to undertake a spot of DIY Electrics at your place? Quite frankly, it’s not worth the risk! Find out why and the dangers involved right here.
9 Power Saving Tips To Save You Money
Power bill starting to creep up even in the warmer months? Don’t panic, we’ve got some tips that will help keep your electricity costs down AND do some good for the environment at the same time. And don’t worry, they...
Planning A Renovation? Here's The Electrical Things To Think About
It can be easy to forget about the electrics when carrying out a renovation. After all, they are mostly hidden behind the walls! So, here’s what to think about.