Building A New House? Here’s The Electrical Things To Think About

Building A New House? Here’s The Electrical Things To Think About

Building a new house? Congratulations!

Throughout the build process, there are lots of things to consider.

Often, the electrics are not considered as early as they should be.

And that is a mistake, as they can determine certain layout decisions.

Everything needs to be considered carefully, and today we will be discussing some ways that you can make these informed decisions the right way.

Building A New House? Here’s The Electrical Things To Think About

Make It Practical

You will want to make sure that all of your spaces are practical for the way your family lives.

Plan everything, down to the outlets. Are you a family with many handheld devices? Get outlets installed with USB slots. Make sure you have enough power points, and the locations are sufficiently out of the way, yet easily accessible. Nobody likes running out of outlets, but nobody minds having an extra couple that are left unused.

In the 2020s, more and more residences are turning Smart. Are you one of them? Planning to get a thermostat installed, a robot vacuum hub, a Ring doorbell or security system? Think over these and discuss them with those who will be living with you before you lay the electrics in your new build.

Always think ahead - even if that means asking your electrician to photograph the jobs done, including switches and wires in each wall as well as any diagrams of connections. This will make future work or upgrades a breeze.

Don’t Overdo It

Lighting is important, but sheer illumination is not the only consideration to be had. It is helpful to consider what the room is to be used for, well in advance of sorting the lighting electrics.

If it’s a bedroom, many clients have opted for wall lamps, conveniently placed above where a headboard would go. This makes for mood lighting and a concentrated light for evening reading, with a nearby switch without having to get out of bed.

Similarly, the hallways of your home are purely for walking from one room to the next, so there is no need for three highly bright top down lights illuminating the way. Some clients have opted for dimmer ambient lights lower to the ground, or automatically triggered sensor lights for midnight wakeups.

Keep It Feng Shui

Feng Shui is a theory originating in China where arrangements of design elements within a room can positively or negatively impact the flow of ‘energy’. Often thought about in terms of furniture arrangement, these principles can also be applied to the electrics of your house.

Always consider where things will go before you finalise the electrics of a new build. Consider where the dining table is going to go, so you can put a ceiling light above. Think about having two light switches installed in rooms with two entrances, so you don’t have to tiptoe around in the dark to turn the light on across the space. Ponder whether you are going to have your television mounted on the wall for a dedicated, out of sight power point and CAT6 port.

A common mistake we see is clients having the bathroom light placed right above the mirror, where your head would be. This casts unnatural shadows on your face, making it more difficult to do your hair or makeup.

Spaces that you access infrequently such as a basement would function well with motion sensor activated lighting so you don’t leave the light on down there for days at a time without realising.

Make It Special From The Get Go

A lot of people with new builds aim for the very basics, with grand plans to upgrade later down the line. ‘I’ll work on installing the home theatre once we have settled in. I’ll get that electric gate when we’ve got a nicer car out front’.

While you don't have to install the complete systems from the start, the wiring for these specialised functions of your house could be done during the build to make implementation easier on the hands and wallet at a later date.

You don’t have to commit to buying the fancy 4K projector straight away, or the automatic gate out front. But when you do finally decide to get them in, the electrics are all done, waiting for the install, without having to rip apart the walls and driveway.

For everything electrical, Retrolec has your back. These considerations are just some of the decisions we will help you make for your home so that your electrics are working for you. Get in contact with us today about your new or existing electrics.