Easy Electrical Upgrades For A More Functional Home

Easy Electrical Upgrades For A More Functional Home

When people think of ‘doing up’ the electrics of a house, some envision the walls of their home being ripped apart and a horrific display of cables being strewn across the carpet.

But the truth is, for expert electricians such as the team at Retrolec, non-invasive electrical upgrades can sometimes only take us a matter of minutes.

So, what are the easiest electrical upgrades you can make to ensure your home is more functional?

We’ve carefully selected a list of the most popular changes that our clients choose to do to their homes. The good news is, each of these jobs are relatively small in scale and easy to accomplish.

They are…

Easy Electrical Upgrades For A More Functional Home


Got too many light switches or have them located in annoying places? We’ve seen homes with three or four switches for outdoor security lights, and seen spacious lounges that have four ceiling lights with four respective switches in each corner of the space. Sometimes, nothing makes sense.

Consolidating these many lights by hooking them up to one universal (and conveniently located) switch can make things much easier.

Modernise Your Kitchen

A shiny new toaster, kettle or smart fridge doesn’t always complete the modern kitchen. Many homes around New Zealand are still rocking that 90’s aesthetic from the countertops to the wallpaper. But, what about what’s hiding behind the walls?

Our electrical appliances are constantly changing, so shouldn’t the bones of the kitchen follow suit?

Simple electrical fittings can do wonders for modernising your kitchen. Things like installing LEDs in cupboards or fitting electrical sockets out of sight can add increased functionality, and the safety aspect of not having cables running all over your kitchen counter.

These additions will need the help of a professional, and Retrolec is a phone call away from offering ideas and services to bring your kitchen up to date.

Prioritise Your Fans

Heat pumps are becoming super common in Kiwi homes. So that means, the more archaic form of cooling down, the ceiling fan, is fast becoming merely a decorative fixture in their living room. But, they shouldn’t be written off so quickly!

You can still use fans to keep your home healthy, especially in the kitchen and in the bathroom. Fans provide ventilation to push moisture from a hot shower or stove outside and fend off mould growth long term. So, if you need someone to help convert or install the electrics of a fan in your home, contact Retrolec today.

Trade Up

Remember when a double plug point was considered an upgrade? Now, a double plug point might not be enough for all the devices we have to charge!

The USB cable has quickly become almost as commonplace as the usual power plug to charge small accessories around the house. Some days you find yourself wanting to charge your phone, your airpods, your work-from-home headset, your computer headset and your PlayStation controller all at once.

Upgrading the power point faceplates around the house to include USB ports is a simple way to reduce the stress of all your electricity-demanding appliances. Such an effortless upgrade consistently provides an easy access point wherever you are, without the need to hunt for spare adapters lying around.

Port Up

If you work from home, are a gamer, or just someone who enjoys the fastest speeds possible (especially on a fibre connection), you always want your desktop, playstation or laptop connected to a CAT6 ethernet cable. However, sometimes it’s not feasible to run a 20 metre cable through your house, tripping your family up in the process!

Installing these CAT6 ports around the house is a fantastic way to keep connected without the mess. Not only this, installing such ports outside near security cameras is a must to keep a safe, clear security stream rolling at all times.

There’s bigger ports out there too. Need an upgrade to your garage to plug your hot new electric vehicle into? Look no further. Whatever it is, Retrolec has you covered, whether the upgrade is small or big. Book a chat with us today.