Are LED Lights Worth All The Hype?

Are LED Lights Worth All The Hype?

LED lights have become very popular, but are they worth all the hype?

Well, the simple answer is… yes.

The low energy consumption, the brightness, and the long life are all attractive qualities. But, the one thing that isn’t necessarily low is the price tag.

Do the savings really outweigh the investment? How long do you need to wait after the LEDs are fitted to make your initial investment back? What should you look out for and what should you avoid?

Today, Retrolec will be diving into everything LED to help you make frugal, informed choices about your home lighting.

Are LED Lights Worth All The Hype?

What Is An LED Light?

Have you ever felt an incandescent bulb that’s been on for a long time? Stinking hot to the touch. What about an LED? Cool. That’s because traditional light bulbs use the power they get to make heat, with light as a byproduct. LED lights on the other hand give off light and radiate heat secondarily.

Incandescent bulbs usually have a tungsten filament which the electrical current passes through, producing a thermal effect. The temperature of this filament must get as hot as 400 Celsius in order to produce light as a byproduct. Consistently being at such a high temperature leads to rapid evaporation of key components within the lightbulb, making the average lifespan of these bulbs around 1000 hours.

LEDs on the other hand, ditch this radiating heat and light principle. Instead, they work by using a semi-conductive material and will produce the same level of light at 15 Watts that an incandescent could only achieve at 150 Watts. This process is completed as electrons within the semiconductive material rise and fall in energy levels, emitting photons (light) as this occurs.

So, that’s the science behind it all. But the simple fact is, LEDs are here to save you money, and for a long while, too - lasting up to and over 25 years.

How Much Can I Save?

There are a few variables that will influence how much money you will save by swapping to LED lights. Like a lot of things, the more you put into switching, the more you get out of it. The more hours that you usually have the lights on for, how many bulbs you use around your house - these are all indicators of overall savings to be had.

The fact is that LED bulbs will save up to 90% of the energy that a regular incandescent bulb would. So straight away, you are saving on your power bill. You also won’t have to constantly add lightbulbs to your shopping order, as LED light fittings have a very long life.

If you run the figures, you can easily save $150 annually by switching to LED lights. And, with a more sustainable lighting option, you are doing good things for the planet too!

Modernise Your Home

The big switch to LEDs is a no-brainer, but it doesn’t always mean simply screwing in a new lightbulb.

The installation of fantastically bright and frugal LED downlights will require the help of an expert. And these great lighting options don’t only belong in the ceiling! Retrolec’s Clients have installed LEDs in their cupboards, and into their bathrooms - either around the mirror or on the fan fixture, and have begun saving ever since.

Applications of LEDs are seemingly endless. They are just as at home outdoors as they are in. LED lights are perfect for lighting decks, outdoor kitchens, outdoor spa areas or lights around the garden. They are a fantastic way to implement useful lighting in your home without the worry of how much power is being used.

You can even make a design feature from your LED lights. Installing concealed LEDs around the home is a great way to give your lighting some flavour. LED strips allow you to light under your kitchen cabinets, on stairs, down hallways, in home cinemas, or in teenage bedrooms.

Many LEDs, strips and lamps also have some form of internet integration. This technology allows the user to control lighting at or away from home, change colours and create mood lighting to suit the occasion, or just give you a way to check your lighting even when you’re out or on holiday.

So, whether you need help installing LEDs or want advice for outdoor lighting and more, please book a chat with our team at Retrolec today, and start saving.