9 Power Saving Tips To Save You Money

9 Power Saving Tips To Save You Money

Power bill starting to creep up even in the warmer months?

Don’t panic, we’ve got some tips that will help keep your electricity costs down AND do some good for the environment at the same time.

And don’t worry, they are lame tips like washing dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher or putting the clothes out to dry on a rack instead of using the dryer.

If we aren’t using the appliances we paid for, why did we buy them in the first place?

Our power saving tips will help save you some cash, especially through the power-hungry winter months.

9 Power Saving Tips To Save You Money

  1. Go LED

    LEDs have become a mainstream lighting option in the last couple decades, and for good reason. While their cost is higher than most incandescent bulbs, they carry a colossal return on investment. Not only do LED bulbs last for up to 25 years, but they burn through 90% less energy than a traditional lightbulb!

  2. Cook Smarter

    Some cooking appliances are incredibly power hungry, such as your oven. Luckily, there are some viable alternatives to create the same style of meals but use far less energy.

    An air fryer is a great alternative. Of course, it depends on what you’re cooking and how many people you are cooking for, but using an air fryer to cook your meals can be a great way to save money on power over time. The great thing is, an air fryer can cook most things that an oven can for a fraction of the cost, including roasts and cakes!

  3. Keep The Warmth In

    When you are heating your home, a lot of the warmth can escape out of doors and windows. Ensure that your home is well insulated - some families may be eligible to apply for Insulation Grants if you find your home is lacking.

    Don’t forget to block drafts and ensure your doors and windows seal properly. Draft excluder tape and thermal backed curtains will help with this job.

  4. Swap Out Power Hungry Heaters

    Space heaters (that you may find at your local Warehouse or K-Mart) are notorious for gobbling up energy. If you skip the heater and cosy up under a plug-in blanket in the lounge when watching television or turn on an electric blanket when you head to bed, you may find yourself using a tenth of the power.

    Space heaters commonly run on 1500W, whereas electric blankets can run on as low as 150W. That means that you can run your electric blanket for ten hours and use the same amount of power as just one hour next to the heater.

    Don’t like electric blankets? Then go old school and invest in one or two hot water bottles to bring to bed, cutting all appliances out of the equation.

  5. Set Your Heat Pump At The Right Temperature

    Setting the temperature on your heat pump at maximum temperature will draw a lot of power, it also won’t heat your home faster! Choosing a lower temperature setting will ensure your home is still heated, but using far less power.

    Also, avoid using the auto setting on your heat pump as the pump will constantly work to heat or cool the room even if it is at a comfortable temperature.

  6. Use What Mother Nature Gave Ya

    It can be tempting to run the cooling function on your heat pump in the warmer months. But, this is a big energy driner! Instead, try to create a cross breeze in your home by opening doors and windows on opposite sides of the house.

    Fans can also be power hungry beasts, so ensure you choose one with a good energy rating. Fans can also make a great air conditioning substitute if you put a bowl of ice or a frozen water bottle in front of them.

  7. Happy Hour

    Who doesn’t love free?

    Some New Zealand power companies such as Contact or Electric Kiwi offer free-use windows where your power metre isn’t counted, generally off-peak or during the evening (such as 9pm-12am).

    If you’re consistent with it, you may find yourself with a schedule of saving power that could add up to hundreds of dollars kept in your wallet.

    Washing then whacking school clothes or work clothes in the dryer, putting a big load of dishes on and even having a hot bath could all be struck out from your power bill if you manage to fit everything within the free window.

  8. No More Standby

    Did you know that you could be using a lot of power while you’re asleep without even realising? And we aren’t just talking about the little red standby lights on your TV or PS5. Computers and laptops will continue to send power to peripherals such as your headphones, headset, keyboard, and mouse even if they are in sleep mode.

    The same goes for chargers. Having your mobile phone or laptop connected to a charger overnight will consistently use energy. Making sure your phone is charged before you head to bed and disconnecting it is one way to save power.

  9. Let Retrolec Help

    Committing to these power saving tips is a great start. But, there remain some power-saving opportunities just out of reach to the average joe. So, let the experts help.

    Whether you need someone to sort solar power, electric vehicle charging, LED upgrades or just a general consultation about your home's electrical system and how you can save more on your power bill, have a conversation with Retrolec today.